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Welcome to Andy’s Angling Adventures, your premier destination for expert river fishing guide services. With over two decades of expertise, Andy Coleman is a seasoned professional in the art of fishing throughout the southwestern region of Washington. His enthusiasm for angling encompasses the pursuit of Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon, and he derives great satisfaction from assisting anglers of all skill levels in landing their dream catch. Andy is your go-to guide, whether you’re brand new to fishing or have years of experience under your belt. No prior experience? No problem! Andy excels at instructing novices and seasoned anglers alike in the most effective fishing techniques to ensure you reel in a memorable catch while enjoying a secure and pleasurable day on the water. He’s equipped to host any group size, from family trips and gatherings of friends to solo fishers. Andy collaborates with top-tier guides in the industry for larger or corporate groups requiring multiple boats to provide an exceptional experience for everyone. Explore serene waters and bountiful fisheries under the guidance of our knowledgeable and passionate team. Join us to navigate the thrilling world of river fishing, where every cast brings a new adventure!

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Southwest Washington’s Premier Guided River Fishing

Andy’s Angling Adventures, where exceptional fishing guide service meets the majestic waters of Southwest Washington. Our guided fishing trips are designed to cater to anglers of all skills, offering an unparalleled opportunity to fish in some of the best river fishing spots available. As the foremost fishing guide in the region, we specialize in navigating the vast network of rivers, including the iconic Cowlitz River, Chehalis River, Lewis River, and the mighty Columbia River, along with their thriving tributaries.

Our guide service is dedicated to providing you with not just a trip but a true adventure involving our jet sled boat experience, perfect for pursuing a wide variety of fish. Salmon fishing is a treasured activity in Washington’s riverine systems, enhanced by our knowledgeable guides who ensure that your fishing charters are both successful and memorable. Whether you are in pursuit of the elusive Sturgeon or the robust salmon, our customized trips are designed to provide the best spots and tactics.

We are proud to be a preferred fishing guide service in Washington, thanks to our commitment to quality and the immersive experience we offer. The serene flow of the expansive Chehalis River and the bustling currents of the Columbia River are our playgrounds, and we are eager to share this with every angler that joins us. With Andy’s Angling Adventures, you’re not just going on a fishing trip; you’re embarking on a journey through some of the most picturesque river landscapes filled with abundant fish that make every cast exciting and every catch rewarding.

Expert Guided Guided Sturgeon Trips on the Columbia River

Andy’s Angling Adventures is your premier fishing guide service on the majestic Columbia River. We offer expert-level guided fishing trips specifically targeting the mighty sturgeon, a highlight of Columbia River fishing. Our guided sturgeon and Salmon trips are designed not only to enhance your hook-and-line skills but also to imbue every moment with the thrill and serenity of river fishing. Sturgeon, the titans of the river, provide an exhilarating challenge even for seasoned anglers.

Fishing guide Andy Coleman boasts knowledge and experience as a fishing guide who is dedicated to providing an unforgettable fishing experience. Andy will tailor the trip to suit your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. With state-of-the-art fishing charters equipped for optimum safety and performance, each fishing trip promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

As an extension of our commitment to excellence, our Columbia River charter service includes comprehensive information on the unique ecology of the area’s fisheries. Understanding fish habits and habitats not only enriches the fishing experience but also promotes conscientious angling practices. The Columbia River, a vital artery for multiple fish species, offers a fishing expedition unmatched in its potential for both thrill and rich educational insights.

Following the success of our guided salmon and steelhead trips on the Chehalis and Cowlitz Rivers, as previously described in “Southwest Washington’s Premier Guided River Fishing,” we are excited to enhance our offerings with this specialized focus on sturgeon. These trips allow you to delve deeper into the art of fishing, making every cast count towards an impressive catch.

If you seek a trip full of star fishing moments, join us at Andy’s Angling Adventures. We are excited to guide you through one of the most iconic river systems in North America and offer an exceptional river fishing experience. Make your next fishing trip both memorable and spectacular with direct insights from the best in the business—experience a river trip you won’t soon forget!

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Read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with Andy’s Angling Adventures.
Fishing with Andy is a wonderful experience from end to end. His professionalism and fishing knowledge guarantee a successful trip. Add to that, we have never missed an opportunity to catch Salmon, steelhead, or Sturgeon on our trips with him. His friendly manner and attitude are a recipe for a great day.
Mark Bender
We take several clients on business trips with Andy Coleman. They always leave happy with fish, memories, and great stories from a day on the water with Andy. We always say if you want to go fishing, you can call anyone, but if you want to go catching, go with Andy.
Troy Kolonowski
Andy is your go-to guide on the Columbia River. His boat and gear are top-notch the best. Andy knows exactly how to find fish and you won’t be sorry when booking a trip with him.
Phyllis Wilbur
I can’t believe we’ve been fishing with Andy for over 14 years now. There’s a reason we keep coming back! He’s the most patient teacher and is so determined to help you hook into the fish of a lifetime. With so many incredible fishing memories over the years, we always look forward to our next trip with Andy on the beautiful rivers here in the PNW.
Leah Kiyohara

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At Andy’s Angling Adventures, we are dedicated to providing you with the best fishing experience possible. Andy will take you to the best fishing spots and share his knowledge and techniques to ensure a successful and memorable trip.

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